Carbtrol Filters Remove PFAS

PFOS / PFOA Treatment System

Perfluorinated and polyfluorinated substances, known as PFAS, are a class of man-made chemicals that do not break down in the environment. Recently PFAS have been identified as a major source of water contamination. Manufacturing facilities, landfills and locations that use firefighting foam, such as airports and military installations, are all sources of PFAS. PFAS filters […]

Carbtrol Filters Remove Odors from Ethanol

Hand sanitizer containing ethanol

            Carbtrol Filters Remove Odor from Ethanol for Hand Sanitizer Production As the demand for hand sanitizers grow, many companies need an easy way to remove the odor from the main ingredient, grain alcohol or ethanol.  Carbtrol is providing a simple solution.  By running the ethanol through a Carbtrol Activated […]

Vidauban Golf Club

Golf Course

Vidauban Golf Club (formally known as Prince de Province) is one of the world’s most exclusive golf courses. Designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr, the club sits in the midst of the Plain des Maures National Park. Vidauban Golf Club, through its Foundation for the Environment, is committed to preserving the national park. Vidauban’s management […]

Balboa Park Golf Course

Wash Water Recycle System

Carbtrol Corporation was chosen to provide the Wash Water Recycle System at the Balboa Park Golf Course in San Diego, CA. The Balboa Park course is located in San Diego, CA. It features beautiful views of downtown San Diego and the Pacific Ocean. Carbtrol’s wash water recycle system reduces water use and eliminates chemical discharge.

Camp Pendleton Odor Control

Gierlich-Mitchell Inc, Carbtrol’s sales representative, sold and commissioned two of Carbtrol’s Intermediate Flow Odor Control Systems at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Camp Pendleton is located on the Southern California coast and employees over 100,000 people. Carbtrol’s GC2-21 and GC2-22 Systems will eliminate odors at the wastewater treatment plant.

Sleepy Hollow Golf

Sleepy Hollow Wash Water Recycle The Sleepy Hollow Country Club was founded in 1911 by William Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt and John Jacob Astor among other magnates of that era.  Overlooking the Hudson River, the golf course is not only stunninng but is one of the top rated courses in the United States.  Sleepy Hollow Country Club […]

Carbtrol Odor Control System for Cannabis Odor

Activated Carbon Drum Filter with Fan

Standard Farms has selected Carbtrol Activated Carbon Odor Control Systems for Odor Control in for their oven and greenhouses.  The G-1B90 Air Purification System is a simple, effective way to remove odor from extraction ovens.  The oven outlet is simply piped to the Air Purification System.  When the oven is in use, the Air Purification […]

Gypsy Hill Golf Club Wash Water Recycle System

Gypsy Hill Golf Club is a stunning public course located in Staunton, Virginia.  Recently Gypsy Hill selected and installed a Carbtrol GCCW2 Wash Water Recycle System.  Carbtrol’s system uses activated carbon and oxidation to treat runoff water from equipment washing and make it available for reuse.  Activated Carbon Wash Water Recycle Systems are identified as […]

Carbtrol and PlantStar Demonstrate Equipment at Meadow Brook Club

This week Carbtrol Corporation and PlantStar Inc held a demonstration of the Meadow Brook Club’s Wash Water Recycle and Chem Mix Systems hosted by John Carlone, CGCS.  Attendees were given a demonstration of Carbtrol’s Wash Water Recycle System which uses activated carbon and oxidation to treat runoff water from equipment washing.  Then they saw PlantStar’s […]