Two Stage Treatment Technology for PFAS Removal


Two Stage Treatment Technology for PFAS Chemicals (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Compounds) PFAS chemicals are a class of fluorinated chemicals that have been used for decades in nonstick cookware, stain resistant fabrics, cosmetics, and fire retardant applications. They are particularly effective as they resist grease, water and oil and are especially fire and flame resistant. Over […]

Is Your Activated Carbon Drum Leaking?

Drum Liner

Is Your Activated Carbon Drum Leaking?     If so, then switch to Carbtrol’s L-1 Drum Filter with a polyethylene drum liner! The Carbtrol L-1 Drum Filter is constructed with a heavy-duty carbon steel drum that is epoxy-coated on the inside. Additionally, a semi-rigid polyethylene drum liner is used to prevent pinhole leaks. These filters […]

Brookfield Country Club

Wash Water Recycle System

Located in Clarence NY, a suburb of Buffalo , The Brookfield Country Club includes an 18 Hole Championship Golf Course. In June, a new Carbtrol GCW-3 Wash Water Recycle System was installed to support Brookfield’s maintenance operations. The features of the Carbtrol Wash Water Recycle System include the following: Easily integrated Easily maintained Use EPA recommended, Best […]