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About Carbtrol Corporation

Carbtrol, a privately held corporation, solves the environmental needs of commercial and industrial enterprises of all types and sizes. For more than 35 years, we have provided activated carbon systems and other technologies for air purification, water purification and water recycle. Our principals are licensed Professional Engineers, who have been active in the environmental field for 20 to 45 years and have a broad knowledge of system design and the application of carbon process equipment.

Our History

Carbtrol was founded by Ken Lanouette and Austin Shepherd in 1983. The Carbtrol name was formed by joining the words Carbon and Control. Ken and Austin saw opportunities to manufacture environmental equipment utilizing activated carbon. They initially focused on ground water remediation. As the business expanded and evolved, Carbtrol added solutions for a wide range of liquid and vapor applications.

Over the years of Carbtrol’s operation, the company has supplied activated carbon systems and related technologies to thousands of industrial, municipal, and government facilities around the globe. Projects as diverse as water treatment in the oil fields on the Arctic slope of Alaska, water recycle at a golf course on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, and air pollution control at large wastewater treatment plants in New York City are just a few representative examples.

Carbtrol has left an indelible mark on the quality of our environment over the past three decades and looks forward with anticipation and excitement to providing well-engineered solutions to the environmental challenges faced by our clients in the decades ahead.

Our Promise

Carbtrol will design and deliver cost effective air purification, water purification and water recycling solutions for our customers using high quality materials manufactured under the watchful supervision of experienced engineers.


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