Sewage/H2S Odor Control System for Lift Stations and WWTPs

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activated carbon drum with fan at sewage plant


For sewage H2S odor control, Carbtrol Corporation experienced engineers select from our wide range of carbons and other media for your specific  odor problem. Our systems are designed from 100 CFM to over 13,500 CFM..

Treatment of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) from Air Streams

It is very important to choose the correct type of activated carbon when treating hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in air streams. Each application needs to be reviewed for H2S influent concentration, H2S treatment objective, stream composition, other contaminants present such as VOC’s, and estimated carbon usage rate.

Carbtrol offers two different types of carbons for H2S treatment: Type CSV and Type CAT2.

Type CSV Carbon is a standard unmodified granular carbon which is effective for H2S treatment at low concentrations (under 5 ppm) and low flow rates. It has an H2S removal capacity of 0.024 g H2S/cc carbon or 5% by carbon weight and is also very effective in treatment of VOC’s.

Type CAT2 Carbon is a catalytic pelletized carbon which is specifically formulated for H2S removal. Due to its catalytic properties, it has a much higher removal capacity – 0.20 g H2S/cc carbon or 40% by carbon weight. It is recommended for H2S, especially at concentrations in excess of 5 ppm. In order to achieve the full removal capacity the following conditions must be present: relative humidity of 60% – 90% and a ratio of O2:H2S of 1:1. However, unlike Type CSV Carbon, it is relatively ineffective for treating VOC’s.

If your application requires both high removal  capacity H2S and organic/VOC removal, we offer a special enhanced catalytic carbon, type CAT2E. Furthermore, for a very high removal capacity H2S of 0.30 g H2S/cc carbon as well as high activity for  organic/VOC control, we offer our Type CAT3 Carbon.

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