Carbtrol Installs Wash Water Recycle System at the Historic Meadow Brook Club

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Although Meadow Brook’s current golf course opened in 1955, the club was incorporated all the way back in 1894. Theodore Roosevelt was once a member and Sam Sneed won his first tournament purse on its greens. In order to protect the surrounding environment, many storied golf courses such as Meadow Brook have chosen Carbtrol’s Wash Water Recycle System for their equipment wash area.

Carbtrol’s system uses EPA recommended activated carbon and oxidation technology to treat wash water for reuse. Grass clippings are screened and composted. The result is reduced water usage and discharge which preserves the natural environment.

Carbtrol systems can be designed to contain and treat waste water from turf vehicle washing, chemical mix and loading, chemical storage and fueling operations. To learn more about Carbtrol’s Wash Water Recycle Systems for Equipment Wash areas, please contact Paul Iacozza at p.iacozza@carbtrol.com.

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