VOC Removal from Air for Refineries/Industrial Plants

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Activated Carbon Filters for Petroleum Refineries

Carbtrol’s activated carbon filters are indespensible for pollution control and water treatment at oil refineries.  Activated carbon removes a range of organic contaminents from air and water.  

For air pollution control, activated carbon is designated a BACT (Best Available Control Technology) by the EPA for the removal of VOCs, including Benzene.  Carbtrol also has specialty carbon that effectively remove H2S odors from off gas and vent gas.  With systems ranging from our drum canister filters to our large high flow adsorbers as well as adsorber with fan systems, our engineers can provide the right solution for you.

For water filtration, Carbrol’s solutions effectively remove organic contaminents.  Effective filtration allows process water to be reused and wastewater to be treated before discharging into WWTP.  With systems ranging from our drum canister filters to our large high flow adsorbers, our engineers can provide the right solution for you.

For site remediation applications, Carbtrol offers a complete line of solutions for spill remediation and groundwater treatment. Our environmental remediation equipment can be customized for your application.

Tank Vent Applications

Carbtrol provides several different drum-size  activated carbon canisters to control organic process gases exiting storage tanks during filling operations and from temperature changes. These are very effective in removing odors and hazardous materials from discharge to atmosphere.

Tank Vent Arrangement
Typical Tank Vent Arrangement

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