Golf Wash Water Recycle Systems for Turf Maintenance Operations

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Golf Wash Water Recycle Systems
for Turf Maintenance Operations and Sport Stadiums

Wash Water Recycle System

CARBTROL offers a complete line of wash water recovery, treatment and recycle systems for golf courses and other sports venues using EPA-recommended, best available activated carbon adsorption / oxidation technology. Systems can be designed to contain and treat waste waters generated from: turf vehicle washing, chemical mix & loading, chemical storage, cold storage, maintenance shop and fueling operations.

Whether you are trying to prevent the discharge of hydrocarbons and turf chemicals from your vehicle wash down area or want to reduce your overall water consumption, CARBTROL’s Golf Wash Water Recovery and Recycle Solutions can do the job – easily and effectively.

CARBTROL has 30+ years of experience in the treatment and remediation of contaminated groundwater and hazardous waste sites in developing a state-of-the-art treatment and recycle system for the golf and turf maintenance industry. We have an ever-expanding base of installed systems at premier golf facilities across the country.

High Capacity Wash Water Recovery and Treatment System

The CARBTROL golf wash water recycle system can provide 10-60 GPM of recycled wash water on a continuous basis. Many competitive treatment systems are limited to a low flow capacity or a maximum volume treated per day. The CARBTROL system has no difficulty in handling wash water from a heavy equipment washday. If a hose is left on or rainwater enters the washing area, the system handles these fluctuations easily.

US EPA-Recommended Technology

The US EPA has published a listing of recommended treatment technologies for removing hydrocarbons, insecticides and pesticides (HIP’s) from waste water, which include activated carbon adsorption, chemical precipitation and oxidation. CARBTROL incorporates all of these technologies utilizing ultra high capacity granular activated carbons, which are designed to support locations requiring zero discharge of pollutants.

Resistant to Upset Conditions

CARBTROL’s Golf Wash Water Recovery and Recycle System handles changes in waste characteristics and flows, such as small spills or leaks of chemicals or fuel, variations in temperature and pH, and temporary system shutdowns. Other treatment technologies may be subject to process upsets under these conditions, or may experience foaming problems from soaps, detergents and soil conditioners. These do not affect CARBTROL’s system.

Very Low Maintenance

Carbtrol’s Golf Wash Water Recovery and Recycle System operates for extended periods without requiring any operator attention. The system is designed to allow easy inspection and repairs, if necessary. Typically, maintenance only requires one or two hours per week.

Here’s How Golf Wash Water Recyling System Works:

Wash Water Recycle System

Primary Collection Pump for Agitation of Dirty Water

At water high level, the pump engages and the water is vigorously agitated to ensure that loose waste, dirt, or grass are separated and do not accumulate in the sump.

Wash Water Recycle System

Hydro Screen for Trash and Grass Separation Shown with Collection Cart

Dirty water is pumped from primary sump to the solids separation screen. Filtered water passes through the screen and flows into a transfer sump. If applicable, waste, grass, and dirt are collected in a trash cart.

Wash Water Recycle System

Combined Clarifier/Water Storage Tank For Silt, Fine Sand and Free Oil Removal

Screened wash water is pumped from the transfer sump to the clarifier, where additional solids are removed by gravity separation. The clarifier additionally serves as a water storage tank, prior to final treatment and reuse.

Wash Water Recycle System

Treatment Skid For Filtration – Clear Water Is Available on Demand

Clarified wash water is pumped to the treatment skid, which includes activated carbon adsorption and oxidation as a final polishing step,producing a quality water ready for reuse.

All Ready for Installation

Systems are shop manufactured as modular components and shipped complete with all above ground equipment, ready for easy installation. Once installed, minimum maintenance is required. Activated carbon is simply replaced annually.

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Integrated Chemical Management

Carbtrol has partnered with PlantStar’s Chemical Mix and Recapture Systems to provide a complete Integrated Chemical Management System.

Read about Carbtrol/PlantStar’s Integrated Chemical Management System in Century Country Club’s Environmental Management Center:

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