Cannabis Odor Control for Facilities and Dispensaries

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Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis Odor Control

Eliminate Cannabis Odors in Commercial Greenhouses and Processing Areas

Carbtrol Corporation has been solving environmental odor problems for over 35 years. As the cannabis industry expands, new regulations are emerging that require the control of odors in greenhouses, processing rooms and retail areas with cannabis odor control systems. By choosing Carbtrol, business owners can rest assured that they will remain in compliance with odor control requirements.

How Carbtrol Helps Cannabis Growers

Cannabis flowers emit a particularly powerful smell.  The floral scent is composed of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) called terpenes.  Terpene odor is a challenge for hemp and cannabis growers, even in remote areas.  Strict local regulations and unhappy neighbors can cause problems for growers. 

The best way to remove VOCs is with activated carbon.  Carbtrol Corporation’s Cannabis Odor Control Systems offer the best solution for grow areas, processing rooms, curing rooms and retail areas.  Odor causing compounds are adsorbed into the pores of the carbon where they remain trapped.  Once the carbon is spent, it may be disposed then simply replaced.

High Flow Activated Carbon Adsorber Filter
High Flow Activated Carbon FIlter

Odor Control Systems for Retail and Processing Areas

Carbtrol’s Air Purification Systems effectively remove odors in retail and processing areas. Air Purification Systems include an activated carbon filter and blower pre-assembled in a convenient package. These units are simply plugged into a standard outlet.  Odor causing compounds are adsorbed into the pores of the carbon where they remain trapped. After the carbon is spent, the carbon filter portion is easily replaced.

Activated Carbon Drum Filter with Fan
Activated Carbon Drum with Fan

Greenhouse Odor Control Filter Systems

Grow house air filtration and odor control may be achieved by either sealing the greenhouse and controlling the air inside or filtering air discharged through the existing ventilation system. Carbtrol engineers have designed the G-16X grow house air filter for air flows up to 32,000 CFM to specifically address large commercial cannabis greenhouses. 

Contact Carbtrol and let our engineers provide a cannabis odor control solution for your specific commercial cannabis growing application.

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