Dechlorination for Craft Breweries and Distilleries

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Craft Brewery Tanks

Carbtrol Corporation has been leading the field in developing activated carbon water filtration solutions since 1983.  Our decades of experience in treating water to remove contaminants and unwanted chemicals has made us an industry leader, trusted by companies around the nation. As the commercial brewery industry continues to skyrocket, and more and more new craft and small breweries pop up every day, customers have a wide range of options. To make truly great beer, you need great water. Our large range of filter sizes and carbon selections will ensure your brewery gets the best filter for your water. .

Contact the water filtration experts at Carbtrol today to talk about a cost-effective solution for your small to midsize commercial beer brewing operation. 

How Carbtrol commercial brewery filtration equipment works with your small to medium sized operation

Municipalities sanitize city water with chlorine or chloramine. When present in the water used at your commercial brewery, these chemicals negatively affect the taste of the finished beer, reducing your ability to get the exact flavor profiles you are seeking. Chlorine has traditionally been the primary chemical that cities used for sanitation, but chloramine is becoming more widespread in use. Chloramine is chlorine combined with ammonia.  While they work well for keeping water safe for residents, you don’t want these chemicals going into your brew.

Both chlorine and chloramine are effectively removed with Carbtrol’s activated carbon water filters for commercial breweries. While chlorine only requires a short contact time to be removes, chloramine does requires a  longer contact time with the carbon to completely filter it out.  Carbtrol’s specialty catalytic carbon media may also be used to remove chloramine in order to reduce contact time. 

Not sure what you need? We’ve got your covered. Carbtrol Corporation will design a commercial brewery water filtration system based on the type of sanitation that your local municipality uses. Our engineers will discuss your brew process requirements and make sure your beer is of the highest quality. 

Contact us today for an effective and economical solution for treating your brewery water.

High Pressure Carbon Adsorber
HP-500-NSF High Pressure Adsorber

We Do it All: Carbtrol Odor Control Solutions

At Carbtrol Corporation, we are also experts at using activated carbon to remove odors associated with brewing and wastewater. In addition to helping you with your commercial brewery water filtration needs, our engineers can also assist with removing unwanted odors from your brewing process. Read more about our odor control solutions or simply contact one of our experienced engineers today.

NSF 61 Certified Activated Carbon Filters
10 gpm
90 lbs
75 psi
13"Ø x 57"h
135 lbs
10 gpm
200 lbs
75 psi
22"Ø x 50"h
250 lbs
25 gpm
500 lbs
75 psi
30"Ø x 92"h
1,000 lbs
50 gpm
1,000 lbs
75 psi
36"Ø x 92"h
1,500 lbs
100 gpm
1,700 lbs
75 psi
48"Ø x 103"h
2,400 lbs
160 gpm
2,600 lbs
75 psi
63"Ø x 99"h
3,660 lbs
170 gpm
4,100 lbs
75 psi
63"Ø x 130"h
5,430 lbs
180 gpm
2,600 lbs
75 psi
63"Ø x 158"h
7,000 lbs
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