Managing Environmental Issues at Turf Management Facilitites

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Wash Water Recycle System
Wash Water Recycle System at The International Club

Managing Environmental Issues at Turf Maintenance Facilities

There is a growing awareness of environmental issues at turf maintenance facilities. These facilities include golf courses, athletic venues, and various park and recreation settings. Typically these facilities are involved in fueling operations, equipment washing, and turf chemical storage and mixing. Each of these operations presents a potential for an environmental impact if not managed properly.

Traditionally environmental issues at the turf maintenance facilities are handled on an individual basis as new equipment or operations are purchased or installed. As a result many facilities lack a coordinated focus on managing overall environmental impact.

In an innovative concept developed by Carbtrol Corporation a treatment system using granular activated carbon is used to support consolidation and management of all environmental issues. This facility design places the chemical mixing, chemical storage, equipment washing and fueling operations within one environmental containment envelope. The containment area is then supported by a state-of-the-art advanced wash water treatment and recycle system. Any chemicals, turf solutions, fuels, or wash waters released within the containment envelope are captured, segregated, and either recycled or treated so as to prevent release to the environment.

The Carbtrol treatment concept known as “Integrated Chemical Management®” removes grass, sand, dirt, and other solids, as well as any petroleum hydrocarbons, pesticides, herbicides or other turf related chemicals from the wastewater. The system utilizes granular activated carbon adsorption technology together with an advanced oxidation process to provide the highest level of water treatment available (US EPA – Best Available Technology).

Carbtrol Corporation has installed over 300 systems at turf facilities through out the US and at many international locations. These systems support the highest level of environmental course certification and compliance.

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