Carbtrol Filters Remove Odors from Ethanol

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Carbtrol Filters Remove Odor from Ethanol for Hand Sanitizer Production

As the demand for hand sanitizers grow, many companies need an easy way to remove the odor from the main ingredient, grain alcohol or ethanol.  Carbtrol is providing a simple solution.  By running the ethanol through a Carbtrol Activated Carbon filter, undesirable odors are eliminated. Typical organic impurities that are removed by Carbtrol’s filters include acetaldehyde, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), and sulfur-based compounds.

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Carbtrol’s L-1 Activated Carbon Filters are available to ship same day and may be ordered online. To order our L-1, click here.

Contact a Carbtrol engineer today to design an ethanol deodorization system to suit your needs.

Customer Testimonial: “We purchased two of the L-1 Liquid Phase Canisters (10 GPM) and it made a huge difference on the odor”  from Lee H. – The Hanson Group.

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