Air Purification Adsorbers 2,000 LB. Activated Carbon (G-5)

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  • High activity carbon.
  • 600 CFM at only 11” w.c. pressure drop.
  • Dump gate for easy carbon removal.
  • Fork lift fittings for easy handling.
  • Dual 4”Ø perforated inlet distributors.
  • Acceptable for transport of hazardous spent carbon.


CARBON:2,000 lbs.
VESSEL:44” x 52” × 75” height
Mild steel, epoxy internal
coating, PVC internal piping.
SHIPPING WT:2,650 lbs.


Certain chemical compounds in the presence of activated carbon may oxidize, decompose or polymerize. This could result in temperature increases sufficient to cause ignition of the activated carbon or adsorbed material. If a compounds reaction with activated carbon is unknown, appropriate tests should be considered.