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Carbtrol Corporation has supplied activated carbon filtration systems to thousands of industrial facilities around the globe. Chemical emissions, odors and contaminated water from a variety of industrial applications must be treated to conform to local and EPA regulations. 

For industrial air applications, Carbtrol Corporation can design a custom vapor contaminant or odor removal system to meet your requirements. Typical applications include tank venting, VOC emissions, acid gas removal, ammonia removal, formaldehyde removal, mercury removal, fugitive emissions, and odor control. With systems ranging from our drum canister filters to our large high flow adsorbers as well as adsorber with fan systems, our engineers can provide the right solution for you.

For industrial water applications such as VOC removal from manufacturing process streams, oily wastewater, PCB removal, pink/red water treatment, storm water runoff, groundwater remediation, pond clean up, and dewatering projects. Carbtrol Corporation has the experience to remove contaminants and allow reuse or discharge of water. 

Carbtrol can also provide industrial wash water recycle systems for wash water recovery or treatment and recycle systems using EPA-recommended, best available activated carbon adsorption/oxidation technology. Systems can be designed to contain and treat waste waters generated from various industrial operations such as equipment cleaning such as heat exchangers.

Tank Vent Applications

Carbtrol provides several different drum-size  activated carbon canisters to control organic process gases exiting storage tanks during filling operations and from temperature changes. These are very effective in removing odors and hazardous materials from discharge to atmosphere.

Tank Vent Arrangement
Typical Tank Vent Arrangement

Get in touch with Carbtrol today to discuss your industrial process vapor and water filtration needs with an expert systems engineer.

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