Odor Control – Yankee Gas, Natural Gas Pipeline, Peak Shaving Facility

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High Pressure Activated Carbon Adsorber Filters

Yankee Gas operates an “LNG Peak Shaving Facility” in Waterbury, CT.  The facility takes gas from the supply grid and cools it to a liquid during warm months when natural gas demand is low.   The liquified natural gas (LNG) is stored in tanks for use during high gas demand periods (cool months).

Incoming gas goes through a gas dryer to remove moisture before going through chillers to be liquified.  The drier is a media bed.  This process also removes mercaptans and sulfur.  The beds are periodically regenerated producing a “tail gas” which contains high concentrations of mercaptans.  The tail gas is sent back to the supply grid but has been generating customer complaints about odors.  Carbtrol’s system is used to remove the high mercaptan concentrations from the gas before introducing it to the supply grid.

Carbtrol manufactured a skid mounted system for Yankee Gas which consists of the following:

  • Two lined ASME code shell adsorbers, 6′ diameter x 10′ 3” overall height.
  • Rated 250 psi, temperature range -20°F to +150°F.
  • 3,000 lbs CAT2 activated carbon in each adsorber.
  • Polishing particulate filter.
  • Explosion proof automatic valves for remote system operation.
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